Spring is here! After a long, dreary winter, there is nothing better than gardens starting to pop with color. Seeing Farmer’s Markets filling up with the fresh vegetables of Spring awakens our spirits from the cold winter to the fresh veggies that we’ve all been craving!

Benefits of Seasonal Vegetables of Spring

Spring yields some of the very best tasting and most nutritional produce. When the air is still cool, many vegetables have the chance to shine before the harsh summer heat takes them away. While there are a lot of spring fruits and vegetables to mention like carrots, beets, collard greens, strawberries, and more, here are a few of the veggies of spring that we use at Campania!


They are rich in folate, fiber, and excellent vitamins. They emerge in early spring and find their way into many Italian dishes. Don’t let preparing artichokes deter you, if properly cooked they become tender and delicious!


Many greens arrive in Spring, but arugula is a culinary favorite for its peppery kick that complements pizza, salads, and soups so well. Arugula has detoxifying properties for the blood and digestive system. It is chocked full of vitamin A and K for a super healthy component to any dish.


Quite possibly the best produce on the planet, garlic is heavily used in Italian cuisine. Over the cold winter months, garlic grows underground. In the spring its greens emerge from the soil and you are ready to harvest its glory. And not only does it elevate most dishes, but it also has a magnitude of health benefits including it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and is full of antioxidants.


Lettuce cannot survive the heat of the summer, so we try to eat it as much as possible in the Spring while it is sweet, crisp, and delicious. There are so many lettuce varieties all rich in folate and vitamins. What sounds better than a fresh, crunchy Caesar salad?


They grow a lot like garlic, drawing their nutrition from deep under the soil, and emerge in the Spring for us to enjoy! Onions come in many different varieties, eating green onions or scallions is one way, but the onion bulb itself is also one of the most delicious vegetables of Spring and is a nutrition powerhouse.


So many greens are prevalent in the Spring. Collards, chard, bok choy, kale, mustard greens to name a few, but spinach is particularly special because of its tenderness and sweetness. It is also full of vitamins A and E, calcium, zinc and many other vital minerals. Whether it is added to pasta, salads, or paninis it is a fan favorite

Are you ready to enjoy the vegetables of Spring?

Come on into Campania for some authentic Italian cuisine with the freshness of Spring vegetables!