Experience Italy

just around the corner

Located in the heart of Alpharettas business and commercial district, we invite you to step inside and leave the  hectic pace of life behind you. We invite you to nestle into our warm and comfortable dining room for a culinay trip to Naples


Perfect Pizza every time

With our seasoned Stefano Ferrara Brick Oven we offer a pizza that is always perfect, in the taste and the texture. Our handmade dough is ready only after a long process, to ensure the perfect balance between crispiness and moisture in the crust.

Covered in soft bubbles, our pizza will let you delighted and yet a little peckish for some dessert!


Pasta always Al-Dente

If there is one thing we do not tolerate is overcooked pasta!!

All our pasta dishes are made at order, your pasta will always be Al-Dente as it is supposed to be. Select your sauce, and savor the Italian flavors.

Campania utilizes no third party delivery services
and we strongly encourage our customers not to use them for Campania.
We find the level of service from these companies unacceptable 
the quality of OUR food and YOUR meal will suffer as a result.