Neapolitan pizza is one of the most loved foods in the world, and one of the reasons is that it follows very specific guidelines to ensure a product that is consistent and that can respect the amazing original taste of Italy even when enjoyed in other countries.

The most notorious association for Neapolitan Pizza is the VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana), which has determined a list of qualities every pizza has to offer in order to qualify for the highly desired title.

Here are 15 rules that need to be followed to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza:

Rule #1
Neapolitan Pizza is a hand-crafted, artisanal product. Every pizza is unique, much like a snowflake, and will take on its own character. Italian rules simply state that a Neapolitan pizza must be “somewhat roundish.”

Rule #2
Neapolitan Pizza dough must be made with only water, salt, fresh yeast, and “Double Zero” flour imported from Naples, Italy.

Rule #3
The dough of Neapolitan Pizza proofs at 73.5 F for a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 24 hours.

Rule #4
To make Neapolitan Pizza, the Pizzaiolo expertly stretches the dough strictly by hand on a marble countertop using light and circular pressure to move air from the center toward the edge allowing the crust to grow during cooking.

Rule #5
The critical ingredients used to make Neapolitan Pizza must be from the Campania region, in the south of Italy.

Rule #6
When using peeled tomatoes for Neapolitan Pizza, they must be drained and crushed by hand for a better consistency, and so as not to crush the tomato seeds and add a bitter taste to the sauce.

Rule #7
When using fresh tomato on Neapolitan Pizza, it must be one of the approved varieties grown in the Campania region of Italy.

Rule #8
Either Buffalo or Fior di Latte mozzarella can be used on Neapolitan Pizza, as long as its provenance is certified.

Rule #9
The Parmesan cheese used on the pizza margherita must be spread with a circular and uniform motion of the hand.

Rule #10
A good Neapolitan Pizza has a crust around the edges of about 1-2cm high (1/2in to 3/4in), soft and airy, with few bubbles and charring.

Rule #11
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very important ingredient in Neapolitan Pizza. Extra-virgin olive oil must be poured from a thin spout in a spiral motion. It must be added on the pizza before cooking, but some additional oil may also be used after the cooking for extra taste.

Rule #12
When preparing a margherita pizza, basil leaves may be added before mozzarella cheese to avoid burning them during cooking.

Rule #13
Neapolitan Pizza must always be cooked directly on the cooking surface of the wood-fired oven without any baking pans.

Rule #14
To cook Neapolitan Pizza to perfection, the oven must be a double-dome wood-fired oven and it must reach 485°C (905F°).

Rule #15
While lifting one hem of the disk to check on the cooking, the Pizzaiolo cooks the pizza for about 60-90 seconds.

Look for these characteristics when ordering your pizza, this is the first step to judge the quality of your pizza.

We are very proud to offer a real, authentic Neapolitan pizza every day – our product is made with love for good food and its flavors, as well as the love to hear words of satisfaction in our guests’ feedbacks.

Neapolitan pizza is an art, and we strive to perfection of craftsmanship everyday.